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Every month ILEA Boston turns the spotlight on members who are making an impact in their professional field and the Boston Event Industry. These members exemplify the mission of our association and demonstrate expertise in their field. If you are interested in being highlighted or nominating another member for the spotlight, please contact the VP of Communications, Francesca Lombardo.



This month we are spotlighting a new member, Nancy Gorman! 


What is your favorite part about being in the Events Industry?

It's really hard to pick a favorite in the events industry. I guess what's at the top of the list is the rewarding feeling I get after bringing huge smiles to faces after I do there makeup. Boosting someone's confidence is not only a great way to show how much you care about what you do, but also care about the client too. 

What is one of your most popular services?

A past bridesmaid then turned bride told me once that I was "real" and I asked her what she meant. She said "you are you, and you make us all look like ourselves, even with a lot of makeup on and you aren't like some other makeup artists who are all about the latest trend, and you do makeup on us so it looks good on us, not putting it on us just because it's in style" So I guess my most popular service is that you will look like a more glamorous version of yourself but in the end, you still look like yourself.

As a new member, what was one of the main reasons you joined ILEA?

I went to a meeting as a guest of a fellow wedding vendor and I really felt like I fit in. So I decided to give it a try. 

What is a trend you are seeing in makeup recently?

Although a lot of brides are still leaning towards a natural makeup look, many of them are stepping out of there comfort zones. But instead of going for gold and doing a bold smokey eye, they are going for a soft glam look with a pop of color on there lips. It's nice to see today's bride taking the leap.

What was your most memorable event from 2016?

2016 was an amazing year for me, but my most memorable was when I won Northshore Magazines Best of the Northshore for Wedding Makeup in the Readers Choice column along side my teacher, mentor and friend David Nicholas Makeup Artist who won the Editors Choice. It was a true honor

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This month we are spotlighting one of our Diamond Partners, Memories in an Instant! Check out our interview with owner, Mark Ufland.

     What is your favorite part about being an ILEA member?  

My favorite part of ILEA is the industry friendships that I have made since joining.  Prior to ILEA, I was running my photo booth company and didn’t have a lot of exposure to other suppliers and their needs.  Since joining ILEA, I have met some of my best industry friends and it has lead to a greater understanding of our entire industry.  In turn, these friendships have also led to more business because of the trust that has been built after years of working together.

      What was your favorite or most memorable event in 2016?  

Without a doubt, Dreamforce 2016 was my most memorable and exhausting event last year.  Salesforce’s marquee event has 170,000 attendees in 22 buildings throughout San Francisco.  We were brought in to handle a bunch of their photo activations throughout the show.   One location had a photo booth wrapped in graphics to match the decor.  Guests would climb into a canoe that was custom made for the event.  A waterfront background stood behind them as they created an Animated GIF of themselves.  These photos were shared via branded social media kiosks to Facebook, Twitter, Email and Text Message.  We averaged about 4000 photos a day over the four day event and this was only one of four different photo ops that we provided.

 How has the Boston event’s industry changed over the years that you have been working in it?  

When I started in the industry, Boston was not really thought of as as major event market.  New York, Chicago, Orlando, LA, San Francisco all led the way when it came to attracting big events.  I think that started to change a bit with the opening of the BCEC and the subsequent build up of the South Boston neighborhood.  Now you are starting to see more and more large events considering Boston as a destination.  Companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, Twitter, Google and Gillette all have a bigger presence in the market and most have decent event budgets.  I think we still have a ways to go to compete with those other cities but I think we have made giant leaps towards that end.  The event world is now recognizing Boston as a leading event hub.

 What is one of your most popular services?  

Green screen photos, the very first service we offered when we started in 1996, is still one of most popular.  We can do much more today than when we started.  These photos used to be just a background replacement and print.  Now, the green screen is used for Animated GIFs, Slow Motion Video or 360 VR photos, and much more.  Even some of our photo booths are starting to have green screen capabilities as well.

 What is your favorite trend for 2017?

I know it sounds a bit self-serving but I think that after all of these years, photo booths have become almost as important to an event as catering and the entertainment.  In this digital world we live in, corporate event organizers are always looking for experiential  ways to build social buzz around their events.  There is no better way to create sharable content at an event than a photo experience.  From one of a kind sets built for “selfie” style photos to celebrity appearances (both real and with a green screen), guest all want their spotlight moment.  The photo booth lets them have it and then share it with the world.

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DIAMOND PARTNER          Rentals unlimited            FEB 2017

This month we are spotlighting one of our longest Diamond Partners, Rentals Unlimited! 

What is your favorite part about being an ILEA member?

Our favorite part is networking with the members and establishing life long friendships and industry partnerships.

 What was your favorite or most memorable event in 2016?

It’s really impossible to say – so many great events in 2016, it’s hard to play favorites! Whenever we sponsor an ILEA Meeting we feature some of our newest products which is always fun to see!

How has the Boston event’s industry changed over the years that you have been working at Rentals?

The use of technology has made events so interesting with the digital age of possibilities. From our prospective, technology helps us track our delivery trucks and has improved our warehouse systems from laundry and washing machines to RFID tags in linens.

What is one of your most popular items?

Popular items each year always include linens, chairs and specialty tables. 

What is your favorite trend for 2017?

Fanciful Botanicals – we are loving oversized floral and botanical inspired prints in everything from tone on tone to super saturated colorations

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This month we are spotlighting a new member, Sara Costello! 

Tell us more about working at the aquarium!

The aquarium has a commitment to promoting the importance of protecting the blue planet through innovative exhibits and educational programs.  Our private events allow clients and their guests to have exclusive access to our exhibits while enjoying exceptional food and beverage. The Aquarium campus is made up of a variety of buildings one of which houses our Shark and Ray Touch Tank! Also, our Harbor View Café transitions into a beautiful event space in the evening. From April - October, two unique tents are available for rental. Our Reef Tent on the Front Plaza is open to the public as a restaurant when it is not reserved for a private event.  The existing bar and TVs make it a fun place to hang out after work or host a corporate outing! The Harbor Terrace Tent is behind the Aquarium and has breathtaking views of the Boston Harbor.  These tents allow the Aquarium to host daytime events during the warmer months. 

What is your favorite thing about the Special Events industry?

I really enjoy meeting and talking to new people which is one of the reasons I'm in this industry.  When I meet with clients, their initial excitement about their upcoming event or wedding is thrilling. Talking through the flow of the event and how their ideas can come to life in our space is so fun.  Each event has a purpose and it's really great to see the client's dreams come to fruition.

Who / What is your dream client or event?

My dream job would be planning events for a children's charity similar to the Jimmy Fund or Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Working at the Aquarium has allowed me to gain experience in the non-profit arena and knowing that my hard work is benefitting a greater cause is extremely rewarding for me.

What is a unique fact about you?

I originally studied Sports Management in college in hopes to be the next Jerry Maguire (hopefully people will know who that is).  As a project in one of our classes, we hosted a charity bowling tournament and I realized how much I love planning events, so here I am!

Favorite thing to do when you are not working?  

When I'm not working and it's nice out, I like to be outside.  I recently started doing Stand Up Paddleboarding which is so much fun!

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 This month, we are spotlighting one of our Annual Diamond Partners, The Briar Group. We sat down with them to talk all things food, drinks and upcoming holidays at our favorite spot, Anthem Kitchen + Bar!

What is your favorite thing about being in Boston?

We are fortunate to be located in Faneuil Hall. We see tourists, business people and students and there is always something going on right outside of our doors  

What is one of your most popular menu items?

Our Lobster Cobb Salad has been one of our top sellers since we opened Anthem.  It’s a fresh twist on a traditional cobb salad, with Great Hill Bleu cheese, crumbled bacon and grilled corn.  The lobster salad is lightly dressed and full of delicious lobster meat. It’s a must try!

Tells us about your favorite specialty drinks!

Anything with Rye or bourbon is extremely popular for the fall and winter.  One of our favorites is the Lemon Smash made with Redemption rye, ginger Liqueur, muddled lemon + mint.  Amazing!

How are you preparing for the holiday season?

We are excited for the holidays this year! Fanuiel Hall is always decorated beautifully, especially with the Christmas Tree here! We are featuring holiday menus for private events with great options for parties large and small


Click here for more information on private events at Anthem! 



We are kicking off the new term with a new member to spotlight! Michael Connell has been in working in the industry for over 35 years. Check out what drives his passion below! 

What is your favorite thing about the live events industry?

I love the creativity, excitement and challenge of the live events industry

What have you enjoyed most about ILEA so far?

The people and the educational topics

Best advice for others or that you have or have been given? 

You have two ears and one mouth, so listen more than talk

What is your biggest career achievement thus far?

Winning the 2015 Best of Thumbtack award for the most 5 star customer testimonials

What is your favorite thing to do when not working?

I love to travel! 

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When your Association President has a kick-ass company like Amy Dearth CSEP...  you write about it! Take a peak at our interview with Amy as she discusses her new company, 
Consider It Done Special Events!

Tell me about what Consider IT Done does?

Consider It Done Special Events is a full service event planning company with a focus on decor and production.  Our decor department includes drapery, linens, statement pieces, and LED candles. For production. needs, we provide full audio, video, lighting, and staging

What has been the best benefit of being an ILEA member?

I tell my clients all the time that I bring to the table a network of event professionals.  This network is an amazing safety net, resource, and tool that helps to grow my business every day. It’s been an amazing ride so far.  

How does serving on the Board further your personal growth and business growth? 

This past year, as President, I have gained invaluable insight and training with managing professionals as well as received unique exposure to managing the needs of a business.  To launch CID and lead ILEA simultaneously was a perfect challenge that I'm glad I accepted.  Through this past year, my personal focus had to be work life balance and although it's not perfect yet, I feel that I've taken a few steps closer to handling it all.

Tell us about your newest or coolest product or service?

I've recently invested in a lot of drape!  Combining that drape with some cool lighting designs is my favorite combination.  With that said, I feel that my best service I can offer is the ability to combine event design with technical production.  Being able to manipulate technical lighting or video products while framing those pieces in decor elements, is a unique hybrid that helps me to keep my client’s events new and exciting.  I hate to plan the same event year after year!

Who is your dream client?

I like clients that want to get creative and trust in me to provide a great experience for them and their guests.  My event planning style is that I plan with heart, so I tend to attract those who like to dream with me. My clients work with me to manipulate a budget to create an event experience. 

What types of events do you cover?

My events range from corporate to social to life cycle...  This past year, I've noticed a trend in my style events to mostly be parties, summer outings, music festival concerts, galas and a few weddings!

Why should someone hire you?

I feel that with my ILEA team and myself, the best in Boston will be at your event.  I rarely work outside the ILEA community unless I have to, so my clients can rest assured that professionals will handle their event. I always tell clients that when you have an event team of friends. We have fun working together so your guests will have fun too!  After all, that is the point of live events!

What are some new decor or event trends you are incorporating in to your upcoming events?

As I mentioned before, drapery is a big deal.  Using it to cover walls, create a ceiling, or highlight a particular part of an event, its quickly becoming a staple on events.  Also, video walls are the new rage!  With the ability to bend and curve video images, we are seeing a dynamic way to brand an event with style.  Combine video and drape, and you have a spectacular focal point for your event, be it for branding, presentations, video backdrops, video stage curtains, or more!  


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 Jim Tomasso  RockStar Limo  March 2016

We had the opportunity to sit down with Jim Tomasso of RockStar Limo, and let me tell you... we had a blast! Jim's love for the Event Industry and his upbeat personality make RockStar the Company in 2016 that you have to check out!


Here is our Q & A session.. take a few minutes and give it a read!

What does your company do?

"ROCKSTAR LIMO provides World Class wedding & leisure ground transportation. We offer the largest and most diverse vehicle fleet in the New England, including premium sedans, Vintage vehicles, stretch limos/SUVS, trolleys and buses. We focus on providing the highest level of customer service, whether meeting clients in our offices, over the phone, or through email. We consistently strive to treat our clients like ROCKSTARS."

What has been the best benefit of being an ILEA member?

"I have been an ILEA member for almost 2 years now and the benefits have been tremendous. Membership has been a significant catalyst for business growth in the greater Boston area. The member connections and resources are so vast and everyone is so welcoming and eager to help. I have created a network of business contacts and also some amazing personal relationships.  What has surprised me about ILEA is the reach of the network. I have the ability to reach out to members across the world and seek guidance. I love how dedicated to continuing education ILEA is. The education component of ILEA is another feature that you may not expect when joining. I have had the chance to learn from industry professional both local and nationwide. It is definitely exciting to have so many resources available to you."

Tell us about your newest or coolest product.

"2016 is the year for some amazing new vehicles here at ROCKSTAR LIMO. In addition to upgrading our luxury sedan & suv fleet, we have just added a 20 passengers 2016 Cadillac Escalade Stretch, along with a 12 passenger 2016 Chrysler 300 Stretch. These are 2 of the coolest new vehicles I have seen around! We also will have our authentic London Double Decker bus available for this season. This vehicle is a legit British import complete with a right hand drive system, and room for 75 passengers!"

Who is your dream client?

"We treat all our clients as ROCKSTARS, but certainly there are those clients that you just LOVE to have. These are the clients that really understand that you are the professional and truly appreciate your opinion and knowledge. These dream clients do not necessarily have to spend the most money, they are simply the ones that open up and share their vision of the experience they want to have, and trust you to make it happen."

What types of events to you service?

ROCKSTAR LIMO has a dedicated Wedding team as well as a dedicated leisure team. We can help plan your transpiration for weddings, birthday parties, Mitzvahs, wine tastings tours, Quinceaneras, bus shuttles, or just a night out on the town. We also have a bachelor/bachelorette concierge that will help you plan the night with special offers and local venue connections."

Why should someone hire you?

"I think people may reach out to us based on our unique fleet or our excellent online reviews, however, I believe people end up hiring us once they have an opportunity to speak with a member of our team directly. ROCKSTAR LIMO offers a different approach to transportation. We don’t simply quote rates and then show up the day of the event. We consider ourselves “transportation planners.” Our customer service approach is unlike anyone else in the industry. We will work with a client from start to finish and make sure they are comfortable every step of the way."

What are some transportation trends?

"We are seeing larger vehicle trends, especially in weddings. Wedding parties are getting larger and larger in numbers. It is not uncommon to see groups upwards of 20 passengers all wanting to stay together. We are accommodating this trend by increasing our trolley fleet as well as offering our limo buses and of course our new Stretch Escalade."


For some of the BEST vehicles in the Industry drop Jim a message at

 Last Month's Spotlight

Crystal Mills  WanderLush Boston  February 2016

Lover of all things "boozy", Crystal Mills is a self-taught Cocktail Maven. What started as a love for food and culinary technique, soon became a passionate pursuit of delicious cocktails with complex flavors. Mix in 10 years of hospitality and restaurant experience and you have the birth of an exceptional Cocktail Catering company called WanderLush

Texan native, Crystal hopes to muddle a little Southern Hospitality into each event. She strives for an unparalleled customer experience and brings a fresh, innovative take on standard mixology to the Boston event scene.

We met Crystal last week at an Industry Event and were lucky enough to interview her about WanderLush, her favorite cocktails and the importance of ILEA Boston Membership! Take a look at the video below for her answers.


For Craft Cocktail Bartending, Pop-Up Happy Hours and Mixology Classes hit up Crystal Mills @


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