ILEA International

“For over 25 years ILEA has been a valued and trusted partner in the events industry. An industry that generates over $200 billion for the global economy and supports over four million jobs.  ILEA members are regarded as the very best in what they do, creating a powerful and influential community of event professionals around the world, working together to find new ways to communicate through the power of live events.”

-Kathy Miller, ISES International President 2012-13



Our vision expresses our place in the world.  It captures our reason for being and defines our direction as an association.  We are the principal association representing the creative events professional, globally.  



Our brand values are a set of principles that we believe in; that define who we are, what we do and how we do it. Our brand values also help us to craft what we say and how we say. Each of our values are communicated internally throughout the organization and carefully explained. We tell people what our values mean to them and how they can share them.

Our core values are:



The International Live Events Association provides its members and stakeholders opportunities for collaborative networking, education and professional development, inspiration and outward awareness and credibility to ensure a thriving global creative events profession.

ILEA International

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